Acta Metallurgica Sinica 2008, 30(02) 159-167 DOI:      ISSN: 0412-1961 CN: 21-1139/TG

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Genetic diversity
ZHANG De-Quan1 , 2 , YANG Yong-Ping1
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A Statistical and Comparative Analysis of Genetic Detected by Different Molecular Markers

ZHANG De-Quan1 , 2 , YANG Yong-Ping1


This paper presented a statistical and comparative analysis of common parameters of plant genetic diversity by using relevant data of 314 wild plant species from 235 published articles. The results indicated that the parameters of genetic diversity revealed by RAPD and AFLP are comparable, but all parameters of genetic variation detected by ISSR, allozyme and SSR are incomparable , which are not comparative with those by RAPD and AFLP. The genetic differentiation value Gst based on Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium is obviously lower than the value Φst based on AMOVA analysis, which showed that these two parameters are incomparable as well. Furthermore, the statistical and comparative results of genetic diversity of 179 plant species by RAPD and AFLP indicated that at population level: 1) the genetic diversity of gymnosperm is higher than those of both dicotyledon and monocotyledon of angiosperm, but lower genetic differentiation; 2) the genetic diversity of tree is higher than those of shrub and herb, but lower genetic differentiation; 3) the clonal plant has higher genetic diversity than those reproduce sexnally, and 4) the cross-breeding plant has higher genetic diversity than self- breeding plant; 5 ) the widespread plant species has higher genetic diversity than the rare, endangered or endemic species.

Keywords Genetic diversity  
Received 2007-06-12 Revised 1900-01-01 Online:  
Corresponding Authors: YANG Yong-Ping
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