Acta Metallurgica Sinica 2007, 29(06) 659-664 DOI:      ISSN: 0412-1961 CN: 21-1139/TG

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Arabidopsis thaliana
CUI Yong-Lan1 , WANG Peng-Cheng1 , 2 , YANG Zhong-Nan1
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Chloroplast Subcellular Localization of the Expressed Protein Encoded by At4g22890 in Arabidopsis thaliana (Cruciferae)

CUI Yong-Lan1 , WANG Peng-Cheng1 , 2 , YANG Zhong-Nan1

1 College of Life and Envionment Science , Shanghai Normal University , Shanghai 200234 , China;
2 College of Physical Education , Yantai University , Yantai 264005 , China


The information of protein subcellular localization is important to our understanding of a protein function . The protein encoded by At4g22890 was predicted to be an Arabidopsis chloroplast protein . The 5′208 bp fragment of this gene was cloned and fused with GFP to construct a binary vector pMON530-cTP-GFP for genetic transformation . On confocal laser-scanning microscopy, green fluorescent signals were localized in chloroplasts in transgenic Arabidopsis plants, suggesting that the 208 bp DNA fragment encodes a peptide targeting to chloroplast . The results suggest that At4g22890 encodes a chloroplast protein .

Keywords Arabidopsis thaliana  
Received 2007-03-14 Revised 1900-01-01 Online:  
Corresponding Authors: YANG Zhong-Nan
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