PDR 2015, 37(4) 396-400 DOI:    10.7677/ynzwyj201514122  ISSN: 2095-0845 CN: 53-1217/Q

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Naxi traditional herbal medicine plant
Taxonomic review
LI Jing-2
HE Xian-Wen-3
LIU De-Qiu-1
CHEN Zhi-Fa-1
GAO Fu-1
XIU Kun-1
WU Zhi-Kun-1
Article by Huang, H. 1
Article by Li, J. 2
Article by He, X. W. 3
Article by Liu, D. Q. 1
Article by Chen, Z. F. 1
Article by Gao, F. 1
Article by Xiu, K. 1
Article by Wu, Z. K. 1

A Taxonomic Review of ‘Xueshandanggui’, a Traditional Naxi Herbal Medicine Plant of Lijiang Prefecture

 HUANG  Hua-1, LI  Jing-2, HE  Xian-Wen-3, LIU  De-Qiu-1, CHEN  Zhi-Fa-1, GAO  Fu-1, XIU  Kun-1, WU  Zhi-Kun-1


‘Xueshandanggui’ is a traditional medicinal plant of the Naxi minority people of Lijiang prefecture, northwestern Yunnan. However, this Chinese name has often been confused with other Apiaceae species. In this study, the descriptions of ‘Xueshandanggui’ are clarified and the taxonomic confusion of related species is discussed. The results showed that the traditional Naxi medicinal plant ‘Xueshandanggui’ was Pleurospermum aromaticum WW. Sm., but the plant described as ‘Xueshandanggui’ in Flora Reipublicae Popularis Sinicae is actually Angelica forrestii Diels. The latter was not the plant that the Naxi refer to as ‘Xueshandanggui’. Other related studies have shown that Aforrestii was a mistreatment, and this has now been combined with Pleurospermum angelicoides (Wall.) Benth. ex CB. Clarke.

Keywords ‘Xueshandanggui’   Naxi traditional herbal medicine plant   Taxonomic review  
Received 2014-09-02 Revised  Online: 2014-11-27 
DOI: 10.7677/ynzwyj201514122
Corresponding Authors:
About author:


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