PDR 2015, 37(4) 463-471 DOI:   10.7677/ynzwyj201514148  ISSN: 2095-0845 CN: 53-1217/Q

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NADPH oxidase
Respiratory burst oxidase homologues (Rboh) genes
Phylogenetic analysis
Redundant function
SUN Xu-Dong-1、2
Article by Sun, X. D. 1、2

Molecular and Functional Comparisons of Reactive Burst Oxygen Species Gene Family in Arabidopsis

 SUN  Xu-Dong-1、2

1 Key Laboratory for Plant Diversity and Biogeography of East Asia, Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy
of Sciences, Kunming 650201, China;2 Germplasm Bank of Wild Species in Southwest China,
Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kunming 650201, China


Reactive oxygen species (ROS) play a key role in cell signal transduction. They are involved in the regulation of growth, development, responses to abiotic or biotic stimuli and cell death. Recent studies identified respiratory burst oxidase homologues (RBOHs) as the key producers of ROS. The Arabidopsis genome contains 10 Rboh genes, that encode proteins with six transmembrane domains supporting two haem groups, FAD and NADPH hydrophilic domains in the Cterminal region and two calciumbinding domains (EFhand) in the Nterminal region. In the present study, we investigated patterns of transcription systematically in Arabidopsis plants. Comparisons among amino acid sequences of ten Rboh genes revealed high degrees of identity among entire amino acid sequences of three groups, suggesting that some members of Rboh family might have redundant functions. With the except of rbohC, none of the lossoffunction mutants was found to display distinct phenotypes, suggesting that RbohC might have a specific function in plant development.

Keywords NADPH oxidase   Respiratory burst oxidase homologues (Rboh) genes   Phylogenetic analysis   RT-PCR   Redundant function  
Received 2014-11-06 Revised  Online: 2015-03-25 
DOI: 10.7677/ynzwyj201514148

The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC 31400244)

Corresponding Authors:
About author:


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