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30 Most Down Articles
1 Karyotypes of Five Leontopodium Species from the Southeastern QinghaiTibet Plateau, Southwest China 2013 Vol.35(3):355-360
WANG Guang-Yan-1、2、4, MENG Ying-1、2、3, NIE Ze-Long-1, YANG Yong-Ping-1、2、3 [Abstract] (1795) [PDF 12830KB] (10539)
2 Structural Characters of Leaf Epidermis in Cyrtomium (Fern) 2010 Vol.32(05):381-
Lu Jin-Mei, CHENG Xiao, LI De-Zhu [Abstract] (2625) [PDF 52903KB] (9501)
3  Leaf Epidermal Microfeatures of Chelonopsis (Lamiaceae: Lamioideae) and Its Taxonomical Significance 2013 Vol.35(1):1-10
XIANG Chun-Lei-1, CHEN Li-1, CHEN Ya-Ping-1、2, HU Guo-Xiong-1、2, PENG Hua-1 [Abstract] (2006) [PDF 45236KB] (9218)
4 null 2004 Vol.26(05):1-3
null [Abstract] (2194) [PDF 303KB] (8623)
5 2005 Vol.27(04):337-354
[Abstract] (2397) [PDF 3591KB] (7722)
6 Advances in Understanding Seed Dormancy at the Whole-seed Level: An Ecological , Biogeographical and Phylogenetic Perspective 2008 Vol.30(03):279-294
BASKIN Carol C1 , 2 , BASKIN Jerry M1 [Abstract] (2372) [PDF 1294KB] (7574)
7 Conservation Genetics of an Endemic Plant, Anemoclema glaucifolium, in the Jinsha River Valley 2013 Vol.35(5):555-562
GUAN Meng-Meng-1、2, MA Rui-1, GONG Xun-1 [Abstract] (1422) [PDF 17238KB] (6863)
WU Zheng-Yi(C.Y.WU) [Abstract] (8373) [PDF 8147KB] (6591)
9 Origin and Differentiation of Endemism in the Flora of China 2005 Vol.27(06):577-604
WU Zheng-Yi , SUN Hang, ZHOU Zhe-Kun , PENG Hua, LI De-Zhu [Abstract] (3154) [PDF 372KB] (5268)
10 2005 Vol.27(02):211-216
[Abstract] (3934) [PDF 178KB] (5158)
11 Floral Organogenesis of Reineckia carnea (Convallariaceae) and Its Systematic Significance 2010 Vol.32(4):296-302
CHEN Yu-Xia-1, Gao-Cui-1, Bao-Ying-1, Feng-Min-2, LU An-Min-2 [Abstract] (2580) [PDF 11852KB] (5103)
12 Allelopathic Potential and Pathway of an Invasive Weed Eupatorium adenophorum (Asteraceae) 2011 Vol.33(2):209-213
YANG MIng-Zhi, LV Xia, ZHANG Ting, YANG Chen, LI Wen-Jun, SHI Yun-Thao, ZHANG Han-BO [Abstract] (2704) [PDF 571KB] (4966)
13 Advances in Phylogenomics Based on Complete Chloroplast Genomes 2011 Vol.33(4):365-375
ZHANG Yun-Jie, LI De-Zhu [Abstract] (3277) [PDF 714KB] (4893)
14 A Preliminary Report on the Larger Edible Ectomycorrhizal Mushrooms from Daqing Mountains of Inner Mongolia, China 2009 Vol.31(S16):10-14
DA Sa Ru-La , BAI Shu-Lan, SHAO Dong-Hua, HAN Sheng-Li [Abstract] (2002) [PDF 607KB] (4878)
15 Biosynthesis and Genetic Engineering of Polyketides 2008 Vol.30(03):249-278
ZHU Xiang-Cheng1, 2, HUFFMAN Justin1, GERBER Ryan1, LOU Li-Li1, XIE Yun-Xuan1, LIN Ting1 , 3, JORGENSON Joel1, MARESCH Andrew1, VOGELER Chad1 ,
WANG Qiao-Mei4, SHEN Yue-Mao3, DU Liang-Cheng1􊳘􊳘
[Abstract] (2165) [PDF 1783KB] (4828)
16 Carbonic Anhydrase Ⅱ : Structures , Functions and Inhibitors 2006 Vol.28(05):543-552
ZENG Guang-Zhi; HUANG Huo-Qiang; TAN Ning-Hua; JI Chang-Jiu; PAN Xu-Lin [Abstract] (2907) [PDF 809KB] (4797)
17 Isolation and Identification of an Arabidopsis thaliana Mutant with Serration Leaf Margin 2012 Vol.34(01):28-32
LI Wan-Sha, WANG Chun-Tao, HU Xiang-Yang [Abstract] (1995) [PDF 6445KB] (4780)
18 Wild Finnish Truffles 2009 Vol.31(S16):69-71
Shamekh S. 1 , 2 , Donnini D.3 , Zambonelli A. 4 , Leisola M.1 [Abstract] (1780) [PDF 781KB] (4657)
19 The Role of Abscisic Acid in Plant Flowering 2007 Vol.29(02):215-222
XU Ping-Zhen1 , 2 , LIU Tao1 ,2 , YANG Ying1 , 2 , HU Yun-Qian1 * [Abstract] (2638) [PDF 1274KB] (4448)
20 Tropical Affinities of Hingher Fungi in Southern China 2003 Vol.25(02):1-3
YANG Zhu-Liang, ZANG Mu [Abstract] (3224) [PDF 11250KB] (4369)
21 Analysis of Gene Expression and Source-sink Dynamics in Transportation Regulation of ABA Signal Accumulation 2009 Vol.31(04):344-352
WEI Kai-Fa1, JIA Wen-Suo2 [Abstract] (4031) [PDF 291KB] (4333)
22 A Synopsis of Technical Notes on the Standards for Plant DNA Barcoding 2012 Vol.34(6):592-606
GAO Lian-MIng-1, LIU Jie-1, CAI Jie-2, YANG Jun-Bo-2, ZHANG Ting-2, LI De-Zhu-1、2 [Abstract] (3104) [PDF 6225KB] (4140)
23 Study on the Morphological Changes of the Ectomycorrhizae Formed by Tuber aestivum on Cyclobalanopsis glauca Seedlings 2010 Vol.32(6):489-494
HU Hong-Dao-1, SU Kai-Mei-2, CHAI Hong-Mei-2 [Abstract] (2387) [PDF 11117KB] (4069)
24 The Problem and Status of the Alien Invasive Plants in China 2012 Vol.34(3):287-313
YAN Xiao-Ling, SHOU Hai-Yiang, MA Jin-Shuang [Abstract] (5589) [PDF 4726KB] (4033)
25 Chloroplast Subcellular Localization of the Expressed Protein Encoded by At4g22890 in Arabidopsis thaliana (Cruciferae) 2007 Vol.29(06):659-664
CUI Yong-Lan1 , WANG Peng-Cheng1 , 2 , YANG Zhong-Nan1 [Abstract] (3386) [PDF 986KB] (4025)
26 Ultracytochemical Localization of Calcium during Embryo Sac Development in Phaius tankervilliae(Orchidaceae) 2010 Vol.32(6):495-502
LI Dong-Mei-1,3, WANG Y-Qin-2, YIE Xiu-Lin-3 [Abstract] (2655) [PDF 36150KB] (3884)
27 Ethnopharmacological Survey of Plants Used for the Treatment of Stomach, Diabetes, and Ophthalmic Diseases in Sudhan Gali , Kashmir , Pakistan 2006 Vol.28(05):535-542
Muhammad Waseem; M.Amin Ullah Shah; Rizwana Aleem Qureshi; Iqbal Muhammad; Rabia Afza; Saeeda Yousaf [Abstract] (3066) [PDF 780KB] (3827)
28 Effects of Salt Stress on the Growth and the Photosynthesis in Alternanthera philoxeroides (Amaranthaceae) 2007 Vol.29(01):85-90
LIU Ai-Rong, ZHANG Yuan-Bing, CHEN Qing-Yu , ZHANG Cong-Yu , XIONG Zhou-Lin , HE Qing-Yuan , WANG Gui-Qin [Abstract] (3004) [PDF 1891KB] (3808)
29 Diversity of Leaf Variegation in Chinese Begonias 2013 Vol.35(2):119-127
CUI Wei-Hua-1、3, GUAN Kai-Yun-1、2 [Abstract] (1590) [PDF 9213KB] (3805)
30 Karyotypes of Twenty-five Populations of Thirteen Species in Nomocharis and Lilium 2011 Vol.33(5):477-
Wan Juan, ZHOU Song-Dong [Abstract] (2190) [PDF 15628KB] (3763)
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