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Plant Diversity ›› 2008, Vol. 30 ›› Issue (03): 371-377.DOI: 10.3724 SP.J.1143.2008.07110

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  1. 中国科学院西双版纳热带植物园, 云南勐腊 666303
  • 收稿日期:2007-05-21 出版日期:2008-06-25 发布日期:2008-06-25
  • 通讯作者: 许再富

Preliminary Comparison on Traditional Knowledge of Medicinal Plants Used by Dai Xishuangbanna China and Khmer Cambodia

XU Zai-Fu   

  1. Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden , Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mengla 666303 , China
  • Received:2007-05-21 Online:2008-06-25 Published:2008-06-25
  • Contact: XU Zai-Fu

摘要: 滇南西双版纳与柬埔寨同处国际河流澜沧江􊄯湄公河流域, 前者在上游地处东南亚热带北缘气候区, 后者在下游地处东南亚热带气候区, 两地相距在1 000 km以上。傣族和高棉族都是其所在国家或地区的主体民族, 在历史的发展过程中, 他们都利用了上千种的药用植物, 积累了丰富的传统医药知识。通过有关著作的资料收集和作者的野外考察, 比较了这两个主体民族利用的药用植物及其传统医药知识的一些异同。研究的结果表明, 在常用的药用植物种类中, 两地的相似系数只有0 . 15 , 而且这两个民族利用的多是草、灌植物; 他们对药用植物的利用部位、利用方式和主治疾病等所积累的知识有较大的差异, 各有所长。这与两地􊄯国的生态环境、历史发展、生产生活方式和外来文化的影响等密切相关。

关键词: 药用植物, 传统医药知识, 西双版纳傣族, 柬埔寨高棉族

Abstract: Xishuangbanna of China and Cambodia are both located in the same rive basin of Lanchang/Mekong River , the former is in the upper stream where belongs to the climate of northern tropics, and the latter is in the lower stream, where belongs to the climate of the tropics with a distance of some 1 000 km from north to south . Dai and Khmer are the major nationalities
of each state or region , they have used some 1 000 species of medicinal plants and accumulated plenty of traditional medical knowledge in the long historical developing process . The paper compares the similarities and differences of medicinal plants used by the two nationalities and their traditional medical knowledge in accordance of existing literture and the author′s field investigations . The results show that the similar index of common use medicinal plants between the two area is quite low which is 0 . 15 .Most of them are herbal and shrubby plants; the knowledge of medicinal plants accumulated by the two nationalities on the using parts, using styles and the main diseases treated are quite different , and each has his own strong points, which have closing relationship with the ecoenvironment, historical development , their ways of agricultural practise and lifestyle, and the effect of exotic cultures .

Key words: Medicinal plants