Plant Diversity ›› 2003, Vol. 25 ›› Issue (06): 1-3.

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Study on Areal Types of Species of Spermatophyte in Henan Province of China

ZHANG GuiBin   

  1. College of Environment and Planning,Henan University,Kaifeng 475001,China
  • Online:2003-12-25 Published:2003-12-25

Abstract: Henan province locates in a transitional zone betweeen temperate to subtropic region from longitude 110°21′ to 116°39′ E and latitude 31°23′ to 36°22′ N.Its various physical enviroments and long geologic history made it abundant in species with complex floristic elements.The distribution pattern of the species in spermatophyte are studied in this paper.The result demonstrated that the 2953 species distributed in Henan can be divided into 15 areal types and 24 subtypes.Among them 1514 species are endemic to China and account for 5222% of total species in the region and can be divided into 22 subtypes.Except cosmopolitan species,there are 910 species belonging to tropicssubtropics,949 species belonging to typical temperate zone and 920 species belonging to the distribution from temperate zone to subtropics; each about account for 1/3 of the total species in Henan province.So it shows that its floristic characteristics appears transitional from south to north in China.

Key words: Distribution types;Spermatophyte;Flora;Henan province