Plant Diversity ›› 1999, Vol. 21 ›› Issue (02): 1-3.

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Cloning and Nucleotide Sequence of cDNA for the Glycerol -3- Phosphate Acyltransferase from Cucurbita ficifolia

YANG Ming-Zhi, CHEN Shan- Na, YAN Bo, LIU Ji-Mei, HUANG Xing- Qi   

  1. Biology Department of Yunnan University ,Kuming 650091
  • Online:1999-04-25 Published:1999-04-25

Abstract: According to the cDNA sequence of GPAT from squash ( Cucurbita moschata) reported in 1988, using RT - PCR technical, we isolated the cDNA encoding a glycerol - 3 - phosphate acyltransferase ( GPAT) from figleaf gourd ( Cucurbita ficifolia) cotyledons and subcloned in pGEM - T vector system. The cDNA and the deduced amino acid sequence of figleaf gourd GPAT have 98 and 96.5 homologous with squash respectively. Among the deduced amino acid residues thirteen of them are different from that of squash.

Key words: Cucurbita ficifolia