Plant Diversity ›› 1995, Vol. 17 ›› Issue (02): 1-3.

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WANG You-Ping LUO Peng LI Xu-Feng   

  1. Dept. of Biology, Sichuan Uviversity
  • Online:1995-04-25 Published:1995-04-25

Abstract: The present paper first reports the experimental results of Crambe abyssinica introduced from USA and cultivated in China and its somatic chromosome number (2n = 90). After two year selection, it has been found that the oil content of its dehulled seeds in 44.47, about 62.37- 62.50 of which is erucic acid and is 2.5-7.5 higher than previously reported ones. The con-tent ofglucosinolates is 71.51-82.21. ^mol / g. The theoretical yield attains 1485-5250 kg / hm2. Therefore, Crambe abyssinica shows itself a promising oil crop which can be used in industry in China.

Key words: Crambe abyssinica