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Notes on the Mpderm Clanssification Systems of the Hamamelidacae

ZHANG ZHi-Yun   

  1. Laboratory of Systematic & Euolutiomary Botany,lnstitute of Botany,The Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100093 Zhongshan Uniuersity,Guangzhou 510275
  • Online:1999-02-25 Published:1999-02-25

Abstract: ln order to furtner study the systematics and evolution of the family Hamamelidaceae,the five modern different classification systems of this family published by Harms (1930),chang Hung - ta (1937,1979),Bogle et al .(1980),Endress (1989) and Li Jianhua (Li,1997) are compared and discussed by the author based on the principie and method of stuody plant systematics. The taxonomic history and compar-isons of the classification systems of this family are also given in the present paper.As a result, the author considered that ahe classification system of Li Jianhua is more reasonable than the others,however, the au-thor still has different opinions in the classification trearment of some genera and tribes in this family.

Key words: Hamamelidaceae, classification history.Classification systems, Notes