Plant Diversity ›› 1996, Vol. 18 ›› Issue (02): 1-3.

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QIN Xing-kun   

  1. Shanghai Museun of Natural History, Shanghai 200002
  • Online:1996-04-25 Published:1996-04-25

Abstract: By means of polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, the leaf-peroxidases of 51 taxa, be- longing to 7 genera of Oleaceae, were analysed, It shows leaf-peroxidases is suitable for the classifi-cation of the family Oleaceae. According to the patterns of enzymic band, it is agreed that Fontanesia was shifted from Trib. Fraxineae and formed Trib. Fontanesieae; while Trib. Syringeae was canceled, and in which Forsythia fromed Trib. Forsythieae and Syrtinga shifted to Trib. Oleeae (near Ligustrum). On the basis of the comprehensive evidences of enzymic and morphological, fol- lowing views are proposedt (1) The taxa subfamily is revoked because the tribes in subfamily Jasminoideae have no points in common. (2) In the Sect. Syringa of Syringa, Ser. Pinnatifoliae is merged into Ser. Syringa which is put before Ser. Pubescentes. (3)Forsythia is divided into two sec-tions: Sect. 1 Forsythia include F.suspensa (Thunb.) Vahl, F.virdesima Lindl., F.mira M.C. Chang; Sect. 2 Giraldianae Qin include F. giraldana Lingelsh, F. mandschurica Uyeki, F.ovata Nakai and F. likangensis Ching et Feng ex P.Y.Bai.

Key words: Oleaceae