Plant Diversity ›› 1988, Vol. 10 ›› Issue (01): 1-3.

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Li Dezhu, Hsueh Chiju   

  1. Southwestern Forestry College, Kunming
  • Online:1988-02-25 Published:1988-02-25

Abstract: Qiongzhuea is a genus published several years ago. There are 8 species and 1 form in the genus which have been found up to now in China. This genus is endemic to China. The concept of the genus and its relation with the neighbouring genera were discussed. The authors believe that Qiongzhuea, because of its inflores- cence, the culm-node without any aerial-spines ring, its turion season, and the plant chemistry characteristics, is a natural taxon and it is different from the genus Chimonobarnbusa. A key to the spceies of the genus was given. A new species and a new form named as Qiongzhuea intermedia Hsueh et D.Z. Li and Qiong-zhuea macrophylla f.leiboensis Hsueh et D. Z. Li were described respectively.

Key words: Qiongzhuea