Plant Diversity ›› 1979, Vol. 1 ›› Issue (01): 1-3.

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Li Xing-jiang Zang Mu   

  1. Kunmming Institute of Botany,Academia sinica
  • Online:1979-02-25 Published:1979-02-25

Abstract: This work is a preliminary study on the Chinese species of the family Mniaceae, there are about 12 genera and more than 100, species of this family have thus far been discovered in the world. This family is a representative plant group of the Temperate Zones of the Northern Hemisphere. It is most widely distributed in the Eastern Asia, especially in China.Since the 1ater half of the 19th century many botanists have co1lected and studied the Chinese Mniaceae. So far as the Chinese species of Mniaceae are concerned, only 5 genera, 37 species, 3 varieties and 6 forms have been reported from China. Among these species collected from various parts of China, many of them still need to be reviewed critically.

Key words: Chinese mniaceae