Plant Diversity ›› 2000, Vol. 22 ›› Issue (02): 1-3.

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Observations on Ultrastructure of Pollen Development from Microsporocyte to Early Two-Celled Pollen in Welsh Onion(Allium fistulosum)

XI Xiang-Yuan     

  1. College of Life,Agricultural University of Shangdong ,Taian 27018
  • Online:2000-04-25 Published:2000-04-25

Abstract: The ultrastruchture of Pollen development from microsporocyte to early 2-celled pollen in Welsh onion cv. Zhangqui was studied by using transmission electron microscopy. At diakinesis intercelluar substance exists between the primary walls outside the callose walls and within the intercellular spaces fo the microsporocytes. This substance still partly remains at tetrad stage. Before meiosis the microsporocytes have lipids in cytoplasm. After microspore mitosis the lipids increase in both number an dsize. In anapase the plastids in microspore cytoplasm accumulated one to several starch grains. In early 2-celled pollen some starch-containing plastids in vegetative cytoplasm also contain liplids.

Key words: Allium fistulosum, Pollen development , Cytoplasm, Ultrastructure