Plant Diversity ›› 2000, Vol. 22 ›› Issue (04): 1-3.

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A New Species of the Genus Macromitrium (Orthotrichaceae) from Guizhou, China

XIONG Yuan -Xin             

  1. Department of Plant Protection, Agriculture College, Guizshou University , Guiyang 550025, China
  • Online:2000-08-25 Published:2000-08-25

Abstract: There are species of Macromitrium in Guizhou province China. Among them, 2 species are endemic species, M.cavalerier Card & Ther. and M.fortu natii Card & Ther. During a recent re-examination of some Macromitrium specime ns from this region. A taxon closely related to species of the M. ferriei Card & Ther. was found to be different from any known species of Macromitrium and is described here as a new species.......

Key words: Macromitrium