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Plant Diversity ›› 2015, Vol. 37 ›› Issue (06): 856-860.DOI: 10.7677/ynzwyj201515056

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 苏波1、2, 常艳芬1   

  1. 1 中国科学院西双版纳热带植物园,昆明650223;2 普洱学院农林学院,云南 普洱665000
  • 收稿日期:2015-03-27 出版日期:2015-11-25 发布日期:2015-04-21
  • 基金资助:

    国家自然科学基金 (31500171)

The Exploitation and Utilization of Lycophyte and Fern Resources in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan

 SU  Bo-1、2, CHANG  Yan-Fen-1   

  1. Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mengla, Yunnan 666303, China;
    2 College of Agriculture and Forestry, Puer University, Puer, Yunnan 665000, China
  • Received:2015-03-27 Online:2015-11-25 Published:2015-04-21
  • Supported by:

    国家自然科学基金 (31500171)


西双版纳位于云南省南部,共有野生石松类和蕨类植物363种,隶属于76属31科。西双版纳石松类和蕨类植物区系以水龙骨科 (Polypodiaceae)、蹄盖蕨科 (Athyriaceae)、金星蕨科 (Thelypteridaceae)、铁角蕨科 (Aspleniaceae)、凤尾蕨科 (Pteridaceae)、卷柏科 (Selaginellaceae) 的植物最为丰富,亚洲热带分布成分占绝对优势。这363种蕨类植物中,以陆生种类最多,有246种,占总种数的678%,其次是附生和石生。本研究对西双版纳地区的石松类和蕨类植物资源利用状况进行了详细的调查,并对资源的开发和保护提出若干意见。

关键词: 蕨类植物资源, 开发利用, 西双版纳


Xishuangbanna lies in the south of Yunnan. The composition and distributive regulation of lycophytes and ferns in Xishuangbanna are studied in this paper. As a result, 363 species of wild lycophytes and ferns which belong to 76 genera and 31 families are found in this area. The six speciesrich families are Polypodiaceae, Athyriaceae, Thelypteridaceae, Aspleniaceae, Pteridaceae and Selaginellaceae. The geographical distribution of the species shows that this flora mainly consists of Tropical Asia elements. Terrestrial species are the richest of this flora, followed by epiphytic and lithophytic species. The lycophytes and ferns resources of Xishuangbanna are abundant. However, the exploitation and utilization of this group of plants are ignored. This study investigated lycophytes and ferns resources of Xishuangbanna. Medicinal, edible and ornamental ferns in Xishuangbanna have been clearly researched and their utilization and protection have been discussed.

Key words: Lycophytes and ferns resources, Exploitation and utilization, Xishuangbanna