Plant Diversity ›› 2003, Vol. 25 ›› Issue (14): 1-3.

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Factors Affecting the Germination of Paphiopedilum armeniacum

DING ChangChun,YU Hong,LIU FangYuan   

  1. Laboratory of Ecologica Genetica,College of Life Science,Yunnan University,Kunming 650091,China;Inmol Laboratory of Biotechnology of Yunnan,Kunming 650212,China;
  • Online:2003-12-26 Published:2003-12-26

Abstract: Through our investigation of the seed germination of Paphiopedilum armeniacum under different conditions,the factors of direct effect on the seed germination are reported as follows:Growth phase of the fruit after pollination of the flower is related to germinative capacity of the seeds.The result demonstrated that germinative capacity of the seeds from the fruit with a growth phase of 60 days reached 35%,with a growth phase of 120 days reached 40%,with a growth phase of 180 days reached 183%.In the course of the seed germination,the culture medium will exert influence on the germinative capacity of the seeds.When the seeds were cultivated in the culture medium of 1/5MS,the germinative capacity is obviously higher than that cultivated in MS,RE and modified Hyponex No1.If the culture medium (1/5MS) mixed with some additives,the germinative capacity of the seeds will show a change.When the culture medium mixed with 10% coconut milk,the germinative capacity of the seeds was promoted to the highest level,mixed with potato homogenate (50?g/L) or tryptone (2?g/L),it was promoted to a higher level,whereas mixed with banana homogenate,it was led to a side effect,mixed with activated charcoal (2?g/L) will improve the development in both seed germination and young plantlets.In comparison to traditional solid culture medium,the seeds in liquid suspension culture medium germinate faster and the plantlets will become more uniform.

Key words: Paphiopedilum armeniacum