Plant Diversity ›› 2003, Vol. 25 ›› Issue (05): 1-3.

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To Optimize the Factors that Affected Transformation System of Tomato Cotyledon Explant

JIANG Xiao-Ling YU Shou-Yi HE Zhu-Mei PENG Zhi-Qiang QI Yu   

  1. Institute of Tropical Military Hygiene of First Military Medical University
  • Online:2003-10-25 Published:2003-10-25

Abstract: Aim:To optimize the factors that affect transformation system of tomato cotyledon explant.Method:By orthogonal design of statistics,factors that affect transformation such as the Agrobacterium concentration,infiltration time and transform style were assembled.Result:Best transformation system could be set up by the contidition of 2 days preculture,30-fold-dilution,10-minute-infiltation of Agrobacterium solution,and 2 days co-cultivation.The frenquency of success transformation reached to 25%,higher than average level at present.Conclusion:Factors that affect transformation system of tomato cotyledon explant were successfully optimized.

Key words: Tomato;Cotyledon explant;Transformation system