Plant Diversity ›› 2004, Vol. 26 ›› Issue (01): 1-3.

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Changes of Total Flavonoids Content at the Module and Ramet Levels in Neosinocalamus affinis

WANG Qiong,SU ZhiXian   

  1. Sichuan Provincial Key Laboratory of Environmental Science and Biodiversity Conservation,China West Normal University,Nanchong 637002,China;Mianyang Teachers College,Mianyang 621000,China
  • Online:2004-02-25 Published:2004-02-25

Abstract: Flavonoid is one of the most important secondary metabolites in plants.In order to understand physiological and ecological adaptation mechanism of clonal plant Neosinocalamus affinis,the effects of biological factors (module,ramet age,ramet position and leaf age) and nonbiological factor (season change) on total flavonoids content were analyzed by the method of AlCl3 colorimetry.
The results showed that total flavonoids content decreased in the order of leaf >branch>culm at the module level.Total flavonoids content of leaves in 1yearold ramets was much higher than the other of four age ramets,but that of shoots and culms was not significantly different among different age ramets.Total flavonoids content of leaf and branch at upper part of ramets had an advantage over those of middle and lower part.It demonstrated that more flavonoids were likely to be a protective strategy in response to strong light.
Leaves aged 1,7 and 9 contained more flavonoids than those aged 2-6 and 8.But there was not negative correlation between leaf age and total flavonoids content.Leaf adhered to a monthly change,in which total content peaked in February,April and December while the lowest point appeared during May to August.
At the ramet level,total flavonoids content of 1yearold ramets was significantly higher than that of the other four age ramets.
The abovementioned results suggested that:(1)total flavonoids content of Neosinocalamus affinis was affected by environmental conditions such as light intensity,season change and so on.(2) total flavonoids content has no hierarchical response to ramet age at the leaf module and ramet levels in Neosinocalamus affinis.Finally,We discussed the mechanism of total flavonoids content in response to environmental changes.

Key words: Neosinocalamus affinis;Total flavonoids content;Module level;Ramet level