Plant Diversity ›› 1999, Vol. 21 ›› Issue (04): 1-3.

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Biosystematic Studies of Kengyilia stenachyra(Poaceae:Triticeae)

ZHANG XIn-Quan,WU Bi-Hua,YANG Jun-Liang,YAN Ji,ZHENG You-Liang   

  1. Forage and Gass Department,Sichuan Agricultural University,Yaan,Sichuan 625014
  • Online:1999-08-25 Published:1999-08-25

Abstract: Kengyilia stenachyra is a hexaploid perennial plant in the tribe Triticeae native to west China. K.stenachyra was hybridized with Elymus caninus,Roegeneria kamoji and K.hirsuta. The chromosome pairing behavior at metaphase I in the parents and hybirds was observed. Meiotic configurations are 23.79I+5.20II+0.27III for E.caninus×K.stenachyra,18.23I+11.68II+0.06III+0.06IV for R.kamoji×K.stenachyra,and 4.83I+17.31II+0.55III+0.20lV+0.02V for K.hirsuta×K.stenachyra. Based on the chromosome pairing in the hybrids,and species morphology,K.stenachyra should be correctly grouped in Kengyilia rather than in Roegneria.

Key words: Kengyilia stenachyra, Intergeneric hybrids, Chromosome pairing, Genome analysis, Meiosis