Plant Diversity ›› 1995, Vol. 17 ›› Issue (02): 1-3.

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YANG Cheng-Jing ZHANG Jim WU Da-Gang   

  1. Laboratory of Phytochemistry, Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Online:1995-04-25 Published:1995-04-25

Abstract: Three new triterpenoids named uncargenin A, uncargenin B and uncargenin C, which had structures of 3β, 6β-dihydroxyurs-12, 18(19)-dien-28-oic acid, 3j8-hydroxyurs-5(6), 12, 18(19)-trien-28-oic acid and 3β, 6β, 23-trihydroxyolean-12-en-28-oic acid respectively, and two known triterpenoids were isolated from the ethanol extract of Uncaria rhychophyllo Miq. Jacks by means of column chromatography. Their structures were identified on the basis of spec-tral methods.

Key words: Rubiaceae