Plant Diversity ›› 1994, Vol. 16 ›› Issue (03): 1-3.

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WEI Zhong-Xin LI De-Zhu   

  1. Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Online:1994-06-25 Published:1994-06-25

Abstract: The pollen of Crypteroniceae was examined with LM, SEM and TEM, and a compari-son was made between Crypteronia and the other four related genera: Axinandra, Dactylocladus, Rhynchocalyx and Alzatea The result showed that the pollen grains of Crypteronia are different remarkablly from those of other four genera by having elliptic shape in polar view and nearly tetragonal shape in equatorial view, dicolporate, syncolpate, with two endoapertures situated at the opposite ends of the long equatorial axis, the pollen wall consists of thick endexine(2.5-3um) and very thin foot layer (less than 1 um) in Crypteronia. The pollen grains of Axinandra, Dactylocladus and Rhynchocalyx are round dexangular shape in polar view, 3-colporate and 3-pseudocolpi, while the pollen in Alzatea is round triangular shape in polat view, 3-colporate.

Key words: Pollen morphology