Plant Diversity ›› 2000, Vol. 22 ›› Issue (12): 1-3.

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Household - based Agrobiodiversity Assessment (HH - ABA) of House Garden in Hanlong Village of Baoshan, East Slope of Gaoligong Mountains

DAO Zhi - Ling CHEN Wen - Song GUO Hui - Jun DUAN Hong - Lian DUAN Jin - Gang2   

  1. Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Online:2000-12-26 Published:2000-12-26


House garden is one of important land use types in rural area of Gaoligongshan region. Socio- economy situation of 27 households was investigated by using semi - structure interview. In which 14 house garden of 10 households were selected for agro-biodiversity assessment of by using household - based agrobiodiversity assessment and sampling methodologies. The results show that the land area of house garden is comparatively very small with low economic benefit. But some species with high useful value are cultivated in the house garden. The farmer' s management activities are relative to their cash income. The fanners who obtain more annual cash income cultivate more crops in their house garden than others do. The richest species in the house garden are common herbal vegetables meanwhile some wild or semi - domestic species are cultivated by some the best farmers in their house garden. Furthermore, the species richness and useful species proportion are quite different among different house gardens because fanners have different knowledge on plant species (crops) and cultivation techniques. The species richness is from 34 to 85 mean-while useful species are from 14 to 62 species. The highest useful species richness is 72.4 and the lowest one is 38. The species which included cultivated crops and wild plants in house garden are listed in the last part of this paper.

Key words: House garden, Household based agrobiodiversity assessment (HH - ABA), Gaoligong Mountains