Plant Diversity ›› 2000, Vol. 22 ›› Issue (12): 1-3.

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Dynamism of Socio - Economy and Biodiversity Interaction - A Case from Gaoligong Mountains

GUO Hui - Jun1 LI Heng DAO Zhi - Ling   

  1. Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Online:2000-12-26 Published:2000-12-26


The authors have undertaken following investigations: 1. General investigation on economic development, population increase, conservation and management of forest resource of 124 administrative villages in Gaoligong Mountains. 2. Sampling in-vestigation on socio - economy and resource management of Baihualing administrative village. 3. sampling plot investigation of plant species among different land management patterns of Baihualing administrative village and Daba administrative village. The authors also have built database and attached models of interaction dynamism between socio - economy and biodiversity. The result shows that: 1. The interaction dynamism between population increase and natural resource is that population and family structure benefit the conservation of natural resource and stability of society when they fit the allocation policy of natural resource. Other-wise, they lead to the destroying of natural resource and non - stability of society when they unfit the latter. 2. The development of new product has changed the manner and number of consumption of biological resources, as well as destroyed the balance of product - consumption". The development of product of consumptive forest resource has accelerated the destroying of forest and increase of consumption. 3. The variation and non - stability of rural land policy and the unreasonable policy of exchange, espe-cially the non - stability of land tenure and variation of policy have lead to the steal of forest timber and waste of forest resource, as well as degradation of ecosystem. 4. The improvements of cash income and economics structure of rural area have affected the manner and number of consumption of forest resources indirectly.

Key words: Socio-economy development, Biodiversity, Interaction dynamism, Gaoligong Mountains