Plant Diversity ›› 2001, Vol. 23 ›› Issue (13): 1-3.

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Analysis of Relationship between Crops Diversity at Household Level and Household Income

WUShao-Yun DAILu-Yuan YOU Cheng - Li JIN Jian - Chang LI Yun JIA Cong - Jin ZHANG Zong - Wen Bhuwon R. Sthapit   

  1. Crop Genetic Resources Institute, Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  • Online:2001-12-26 Published:2001-12-26

Abstract: 100 farms were investigated with questionnaire of participatory biodiversity appraisal at shuangqiao village, shuangshao twonship in kunming. The investigation and analysis indicated that there were 94 fanner households to use field crops as main e-conomy income. There were 52 varieties of 18 field crop species which were used in the village. The relationship was discovered that the number of variety used by household and household income. The household utilizing seven varieties had the highest in-come. Their income is 150 of the average one. The income differed with different varieties combination used among household which all used seven varieties. The best was the combination of tobacco Hongda, Corn Lit No. 3, peach May maturity, cabbage Chinese 83 - 1, potato virus - free, small cabbage and faba bean. Varieties used by different households were not similar. There-fore the variety diversity was rich.

Key words: Crops