Plant Diversity ›› 1984, Vol. 6 ›› Issue (02): 1-3.

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Wei Zhongxin   

  1. Kunmming Institute of Botany,Academia sinica
  • Online:1984-04-25 Published:1984-04-25

Abstract: The genus Acmena DC., belonging to the family Myrtaceae, was founded by A. P. de Candolle in 1828, which includs 11 to 12 species ranging from Asia mainland throughout Malaysia to the Solomon Islands and Australia, and one of them extends to South China.Since the time of A. P. de Candolle (1828), an argument concerned in the classification of Acmena has been going on. Some worker5 reduced it to the genus Syzygium, and some retained it to Eugenia. However, there are some workers who reinstated Acmena as a separate genus, for example Merrill et Perry, Kausel, and some Chinese taxononlists such as Hu Hsen-hsu, How Foon--chew and Chang Hung-ta. But Airy Shaw and others insisted on an op- posite opinion and reduced Acmena to thc genus Syzygium until 1973.

Key words: genus, acmena