Plant Diversity ›› 1990, Vol. 12 ›› Issue (01): 1-3.

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Wang Hong Zhu Hua   

  1. Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Academia Sinica, Mengia
  • Online:1990-02-25 Published:1990-02-25

Abstract: The consociation Anogeissus acuminata distributed in Xiao Ganlanba district of south Yunnan is reported in detail in this present paper. The consociation is a secondary community with the characters of monsoon forests in phenophase and synusia. The original vegetation in the district is a mixed deciduous monsoon forest and the tree Anogeissus acuminata once existed in the forest as an usual component as it is now in the same type of forest in India and Burma. With the destruction of original vegetation the tree Anogeissus acuminata luxuriates and consequently the consociation forms and develops.

Key words: Anogeissus acuminata