Plant Diversity ›› 1989, Vol. 11 ›› Issue (04): 1-3.

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Zang Mu,Xia Yu   

  1. Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kunming 650204
  • Online:1989-08-25 Published:1989-08-25

Abstract: Abstract In 1987, one of the authors has been joined a mycological expedition to Western Kunlun Shan (Mountains) and Karakorum Shan (ca. 35°9'-39°80' N, 74°40'-77°10'E) led by Academia Sinica. This region is a high plateau in the world, it is interspersed by a series of snow-capped, an extremely highest Qogir Feng (Mt. K2;Godwin Austen) is situated there, it above 8611 m in elevation. In the more arid places, the number of fungal species is fewer and sometimes pure course association were observed. About 3000-3500 m alt. where extend conifers forest, several genera of Agaricales are found here and dominated by Picea sche-nkiana, especially in little wet gullies and humid, fog-exposed sites, which abound in different species of Agaricus, Lyophyllum, Leucopaxillus, Entoloma etc. The mycoflora is poor in species in the montane desert-steppe and alpine desert, this is apparently due to the quite arid contnental climate.

Key words: Western Kunlun Mountains