Plant Diversity ›› 1989, Vol. 11 ›› Issue (03): 1-3.

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Xu Bingsheng (Hsu Pingsheng), Qiu Jinxing,Huang Shaofu, Zhang Yuan   

  1. Department of Biology, Fudan University, Shanghai;Jiangxi Institute of Forestry, Nanchanq;Institute of Forestry in the Subtropics of China, Chinese Academy of Forestry Science, Fuyang, Zhejiang
  • Online:1989-06-25 Published:1989-06-25

Abstract: Abstract In June 1984, we found a new Vacciniun in the mountain slope of Fenyi, Jiangxi Province. It is very similar to V.bracieaium Thunb., but possesses pinkish flowers with narrower corolla tube. But these two discriminating characters are not easily discernible on the herbarium specimens. Since they occur together in the same niche, they are probably very similar in ecological preferences. A mass collection of a population was carried out in transect covering a space of 20 X 50 meters on the mountain slope. Quantitative measurements of two chara-cters, namely, the diameter of corolla tube and the number of flowers per inflo-rescence, were made, and the resulting data were treated statistically together with the colors of flower by methods of pictorialized scatter diagram ( Fig. 1 ) nnd standard deviation (Fig. 2). An analysis of these diagrams indicates that the diameters of corolla tube of the two taxa, though somewhat overlap, have different tendencies in variation pattern.

Key words: Vaccinium bracteatum var. rubellum