Plant Diversity ›› 1983, Vol. 5 ›› Issue (01): 1-3.

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Li Hsi-wen   

  1. Kunmming Institute of Botany,Academia sinica
  • Online:1983-02-25 Published:1983-02-25

Abstract: Aeschynanthus is a bigger genus in the family of Gesneriaceae. It contains about 140 species of five sections, and distributes from Sikkim, Bhutan, E.In- dia, SW and S.China then through Burma, Thailand, Vietnam to Indonesia to the east. There aro about 31 species and 2 varieties in China. But most of them mainly distributed in Yunnan province, only 3 species i. e. Aeschynanthus monigerae (Merr.) Chun (distributed in Hainan), A. apicidens Hance (distri- buted in N. Guangdong) and A. levipes C. B. Clarke (distributed in SE. Xizang) are not found in that province, so that the revision of the genus Aes- chynanthus in Yunnan is a necessary step for the Gesneriaceae Flora of China. After identifying all the specimens of the genus in the Kunming Institute of Bo-tany, I founded that there are seven new recorded and two undescribed species in China, The seven new rccorded spccies are A. wardii Merr., A. tubulosus Anthony, A. lineatus Craib, A. macranthus (Merr.) Pellegr. of Sect. Haplo-trichium Benth., A. maculatus Lindl. of Sect. Diplotrichium Benth. and A.longicaulis Wall. ex R. Br., A. poilanei Pellegr. of Sect. Polytrichium Benth.

Key words: notulae, plantis, aeschynanthi, Yunnan