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25 December 2008, Volume 30 Issue 6
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    Synopsis and Systematic Reconsideration of Xerula s . str . (Agaricales)
    WANG Lan , YANG Zhu-Liang, ZHANG Li-Fang , MUELLER G .M .
    2008, 30(6):  631-644.  doi:10.3724 SP.J.1143.2008.08156
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    The genus Xerula s . str . has been revised and is circumscribed as an assemblage of taxa strictly around the type of the genus, X. pudens . The collybioid basidioma with a pseudorhiza ; the dry surfaces of the pileus and the stipe covered with erect , lanceolate , yellow to brown , thick-walled setae ; the subacerose basidioles in the hymenium and the fertile lamellar
    edge delimit Xerula species from other taxa of the Xerula-Oudemansiella complex . Currently , Xerula contains six species . A key to the species , descriptions, illustrations or discussions of the taxa are provided . Xerula strigosa represents a new species resembling X. pudens and X. sinopudens . Xerula sinopudens and X. setulosa are records new to China and Costa Rica respectively. Although Xerula is widely distributed in the Northern Hemisphere, no species of it has an East Asian-American or European-Asian distribution pattern .
    Study on Moss Flora of Anhui Province, China

    WU Ming-Kai , , CAO Tong , ZHANG Xiao-Ping , ,

    2008, 30(6):  645-654.  doi:10.3724 SP.J.1143.2008.08030
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    Anhui Province , located in the middle lower reaches of the Yangtze River , covers an area of 139 600 km2 . The Yangtze river and the Huaihe river are the most important water courses traversing the province. Based on the literature available and identification of over 2000 collections of bryophytes made by the authors from the province in 2006 and 2007, we found that there are 545 species ( including 8 subspecies and 32 varieties ) belonging to 164 genera and 46 families. Among them, 95 species , 3 varieties and 1 subspecies are new to Anhui Province . An analysis of geographical and floristic elements of Anhui Province mosses indicates that 143 species (28. 6% of the total) belong to the East Asian Elements, 115 species (23.0% of the total ) the North temperate Elements, 89 (17.8% of the total ) the Tropical Asian Elements, 53 species (10. 60% of the total ) the Temperate Asian Elements and 52 (10.4% of the total ) Chinese Endemic Elements .
    East Asian Elements are the most important ones. To all appearances, the mossflora of Anhui Province is provided with obvious temperate characters, and there are characteristics of subtropical and temperate zone.
    Involucropyrenium (Verrucariaceae) , a Lichen Genus New to China
    SUN Zhong-Shuai , REN Qiang , LIU Hua-Jie , ZHAO Zun-Tian
    2008, 30(6):  655-656.  doi:10.3724 SP.J.1143.2008.08063
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    The genus Involucropyrenium is reported from China for the first time . It is characterized by a minutely squamulose thallus, perithecia situated between the squamules, an involucrellum enveloping the whole ascomata, and comparatively large ascospores .
    Taxonomic Revision on Some Species of Parnassia (Parnassiaceae) from China
    WU Ding , , LU Jin-Mei , WANG Hong
    2008, 30(6):  657-661.  doi:10.3724 SP.J.1143.2008.07327
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    The taxonomy of some species of Parnassia L . (Parnassiaceae) from China is revised on the basis of herbarium materials and field observation of populations. These species are reduced to synonymies, i. e ., Parnassia lanceolata Ku , P. angustipetala Ku and P . degeensis Ku are reduced to new synonymies of P . yunnanensis Franch .; P . petimengenii Lévl . and P . humilis Ku , are reduced to synonymy of P. faberi Oliv and P . trinervis Drude respectively; P. qinghaiensis J . T . Pan , and P . kangdingensis Ku are reduced to synonymy of P. cacuminum Hand . -Mazz ., and P. pusilla Wall ., respectively .
    Cytological Studies on Arenaria roborowskii (Caryophyllaceae) from Hengduan Mountians
    LUO Yuan-Xia , YUE Xue-Kun , , SUN Hang , LI Zhi-Min
    2008, 30(6):  662-664.  doi:10.3724 SP.J.1143.2008.08016
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    Chromosome numbers and karyotype of Arenaria roborowskii(Caryophyllaceae ) from Hengduan mountains were studied in this paper . The results showed that the karyotype formulas is 2 n =2 x =22 = 22mwith type 1A asymmetry . The interphase nuclei and prophase chromosomes of the specie were found to be of the complex chromosome type and interstitial type .
    Characters of Leaf Epidermis of Begonia (Begoniaceae) from China and Their Taxonomic Significance
    ZHANG Rong-Mei , , CHEN Wen-Hong , SHUI Yu-Min, CHEN Shao-Yu , WEI Zhi-Dan ,
    2008, 30(6):  665-678.  doi:10.3724 SP.J.1143.2008.08007
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    Leaf epidermis of 52 species and two varieties representing seven sections of Begonia (Begoniaceae ) from China were examined under light microscopy. The results showed that leaf epidermal characters of the genus revealed a remarkable consistency: the leaf epidermal cells were usually polygonal and subpolygonal bearing with straight or arched anticlinal walls; and the stomatal apparatus was mainly anisocytic type and presented in abaxial epidermis of all studied species. However, the multiple leaf epidermal characters, including the shape of epidermal cells, the pattern of epidermal hairs, the shape of stomatal apparatus, the type of crystals in epidermal cells and some distinct characters varies obviously with species, in particular among species allies .
    Quantitative Classification of Plant Communities on the Northern Part of Gaoligong Mountains by TWINSPAN
    OU Guang-Long , , PENG Ming-Chun , HE Zhao-Rong, WANG Chong-Yun , WANG Hao-Bo , XIANG Ling
    2008, 30(6):  679-687.  doi:10.3724 SP.J.1143.2008.08064
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    Quantitative classification of plant communities on the northern part of Gaoligong Mountains was carried out by TWINSPAN . 68 plots were investigated and divided into 18 groups . According to the principle and system of classification in Yunnan Vegetation and China Vegetation , the plant plots are attributed to 18 communities, 10 formations , 7 formation
    groups, 7 vegetation subtypes and 6 vegetation types . While the results of TWINSPAN revealed that the plant communities were gradually changed with elevation and disturbance .
    Molecular Cloning, Expression and Activity Analysis of a Glutathione S-transferase in Rice
    HU Ting-Zhang , , HUANG Xiao-Yun , XIAO Guo-Sheng , QV Xiao-Xiao
    2008, 30(6):  688-692.  doi:10.3724 SP.J.1143.2008.08038
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    OsGSTL1 is a glutathione S-transferase (GSTs , EC 2. 5 . 1 . 18 ) , lambda class gene in chromosome 3 of rice ( Oryza sativa L .) . It includes 8 introns and 9 exons, and encodes a protein of 243 amino acid residues . The OsGSTL1 gene was cloned into pYTV vector and was transformed into yeast strain PEP4 .Western blot analysis showed the exogenous OsGSTL1 was expressed in transformed yeast . GST activity of crude extracts of yeast showed the OsGSTL1 transgenic yeast had higher levels of GST activities than control yeasts, which demonstrate the OsGSTL1 has glutathione S- transferase activity .
    Cloning and Molecular Characterization of Psy Gene in Wheat Yellow Pigment Biosynthesis
    CAI Hua , , MA Chuan-Xi, SI Hong-Qi , QIAO Yu-Qiang
    2008, 30(6):  693-698.  doi:10.3724 SP.J.1143.2008.08062
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    Phytoene synthase (Psy) gene , a primary rate-limiting enzyme in the biosynthesis pathway of wheat yellow pigment (YP) , was cloned and sequenced in this study , at the same time , the Psy gene sequences between wheat and maize were compared . The results showed that, a 1 192 bp DNA fragment was amplified by polymerase chain reaction in DNA
    samples extracted from the high YP and low YP content wheat cultivar , the gene fragment contains a intact exon of Psy gene, which codes 78 amino acids . Sequence analysis showed that the wheat DNA fragment was closely homologous to those of the maize 4th exon, with homology rate of nucleotide and amino acids sequences at 80 . 74% and 85 .89% . Although there were 47 SNPs in the homology area of wheat and maize, only 11 SNPs led to the variation of amino acid sequences, which indicates Psy gene was, conservative in different species. Blast clustering analysis showed , the class of Psy gene was significantly related to their genetic relationship in gramineous plants, the Psy gene of wheat was more advanced than other cereal plants in system evolution .

    Overexpression of OsWRKY72 Gene Causes Auxin Signaling Passway in Arabidopsis

    SONG Yu , , LIU Dong-Mei , , YU Di-Qiu
    2008, 30(6):  699-705.  doi:10.3724 SP.J.1143.2008.08043
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    The transcription factors WRKY protein superfamily are widely presented in plants . It is well known that a majority of the plant biological processes are modulated by WRKY transcription factors . And here we focused on OsWRKY72. Genetic analysis showed the apical dominance of 35S:OsWRKY72 transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana was repressed and the transgenic plants had significantly more shoot branches comparing with the control plants . Besides the reduced apical dominance, the phenotypes , including curled leaves and short fruits in transgenic Arabidopsis, were similar to those of the characteristic mutants deficiency in auxin singal transduction. These results suggested that OsWRKY72 played an important role in the auxin signaling pathway.
    Cloning and Sequencing for ISSR Specific Fragments in Cytoplasmic Male Sterile, Maintainer and Restorer Lines of Ramie ( Boehmeria nivea)
    DUAN Ji-Qiang , , LI Jian-Yong , WU Li-Yan , LIANG Xue-Ni , LIU Fei-Hu
    2008, 30(6):  706-712.  doi:10.3724 SP.J.1143.2008.08037
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    The polymorphic analysis of mtDNA from ramie cytoplasmic male sterile (MS) , maintainer (M) and restorer (R) lines ( three lines) were performed by using ISSR technique . Thirty-eight ISSR primers were used for testing mtDNA
    polymorphism and different amplified bands were observed in six primers in ramie“three lines”, these specific bands were cloned and sequenced . Among those bands, the fragment 21-MS (GenBank accession number : EU122345) had 956 bp in total length and a 525 bp intact coding region that encoded a polypeptide consisting of 174 amino acids . Fragment 31-M􊄯R
    (GenBank accession number : EU122344) had 778 bp in total length and a 404 bp incompletely coding region that encoded a polypeptide consisting of 134 amino acids; this fragment had 71%- 76% and 73%- 77% of homology in nucleotide and amino acid sequences with lycopene beta-cyclase allozyme gene in many other plants .
    Investigation on Spore Germination of Sphenomeris chinensis (Lindsaeaceae)
    REN Bing-Ru, XIA Bing, LI Wei-Lin , WU Ju-Lan , ZHAO You-Yi
    2008, 30(6):  713-717.  doi:10.3724 SP.J.1143.2008.07322
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    Effects of culture temperature , storage temperature , GA treatment and illumination intensity on spore germination of Sphenomeris chinensis were studied using randomized blocks experiments and analysis of variance . Compared with room temperature (20 - 25℃) , the germination velocity was higher at the culture temperature of 28℃, although their maximal germination percentage was the same . Storage temperature (A) significantly ( P < 0 .01) affected spore germination , and germination of spores was reduced when stored at - 20℃. GA (B) did not affect germination. Illumination intensity (C) significantly ( P < 0 . 01) affected germination. There were no significant difference between full and weak illumination , but the dark reduced germination percentage . A×B, A×C, B×C and A×B×C had no significant interaction effect .
    Advances on the Research of Microbes during the Post-fermentative Process of Pu-Er Tea
    ZHU Hong-Tao , , YANG Chong-Ren , LI Yuan , ZHANG Ying-Jun
    2008, 30(6):  718-724.  doi:10.3724 SP.J.1143.2008.08001
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    The microbes found in Pu-Er tea, microbes in relation to the post fermentative processing, microbes in relation to Pu-Er tea quality and the growth traits of main microbes were reviewed . It was pointed out that fundamental studies on the post fermentative microbes of Pu-Er tea should be strengthened; a bank of the post fermentative microbes of Pu-Er tea should be established; and a systematic study on those microbes with identified impacts on Pu-Er tea quality should be given high priority .
    Chemical Constituents from the Fern Brainea insignis (Blechnaceae)
    FANG Yun-Shan , YANG Ya-Bing , YANG Ming-Hui , YANG Xue-Qiong ,
    DONG Liu-Hong, DING Zhong-Tao
    2008, 30(6):  725-728.  doi:10.3724 SP.J.1143.2008.08160
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    A new styryl-2-pyrone glucoside (1) and a known styryl-2-pyrone glucoside (2) , together with four other known compounds (3 - 6) , were isolated from the ethanol extract of the fern Brainea insignis . The structures of these compounds were determined by means of spectroscopic analysis including 1D and 2D NMR, HR-MS . And the capacities to scavenge against DPPH radical of two styryl-2-pyrone glucosides were assayed .