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Plant Diversity ›› 2008, Vol. 30 ›› Issue (04): 471-476.DOI: 10.3724SP.J.1143.2008.07314

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冯丹丹, 吴玉婷, 张 帆, 张 森, 杨仲南, 高菊芳   

  1. 上海师范大学生命与环境科学学院, 上海 200234
  • 收稿日期:2008-01-04 出版日期:2008-08-25 发布日期:2008-08-25
  • 通讯作者: 高菊芳

Mapping of an Arabidopsis Gene Involved in Microspore Development

FENG Dan-Dan, WU Yu-Ting, ZHANG Fan , ZHANG Sen, YANG Zhong-Nan , GAO Ju-Fang   

  1. College of Life and Environment Sciences, Shanghai Normal University , Shanghai 200234 , China
  • Received:2008-01-04 Online:2008-08-25 Published:2008-08-25
  • Contact: GAO Ju-Fang

摘要: 通过EMS 诱变、背景纯化与遗传分析, 从拟南芥突变群体中分离到一株单隐性核位点控制的雄性部分不育突变体pms15-16-2-3。细胞学观察表明, 突变体在花药发育的过程中, 中层细胞延迟降解, 绒毡层细胞形态分化异常, 出现异常的四分体, 导致最终只能形成少量的花粉。利用图位克隆的方法对该基因进行了定位, 结果表明PMS15-16-2-3 基因位于拟南芥第3 条染色体BAC 克隆T24C20 上的28 kb 区间内。目前该区间内尚未见到控制小孢子发育基因的报道, 因此该基因是一个控制小孢子发育的新基因。本研究结果对目的基因的克隆及其在花粉发育中的功能研究奠定了基础。

关键词: 拟南芥, 雄性不育, 小孢子, 图位克隆, 定位

Abstract: An Arabidopsis partial male-sterile mutant was isolated from a library of mutants mutagenized by enthyl methane sulfonate ( EMS) treatment. Genetic analysis indicated that the mutant was controlled by a single recessive nuclear gene named PMS15-16-2-3 . Cytological observations of the anther development of pms15-16-2-3 mutant and the wild-type plant showed that the mutant middle layer degenerated later, both the tapetal cell morphology and the tetrads were abnormal, which resulted in few fertile pollen grains formed in the anther. The mutant PMS15-16-2-3 gene was mapped to a region of 28-kb in BAC T24C20 on chromosome 3 using a map-based cloning strategy . No genes involved in microspore formation were reported in this region , so we believe that PMS15-16-2-3 gene could be a new gene controlling microspore development in Arabidopsis . This work provides the basis for further molecular cloning and functional analysis of this gene in Arabidopsis pollen development .

Key words: Arabidopsis thaliana