Plant Diversity ›› 2005, Vol. 27 ›› Issue (05): 509-516.

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Comparative Anatomy of the Leaves in Polygonatum from Anhui Province

LI Jin-Hua , ZHOU Shou-Biao, WANG Chun-Jing , YU Ben-Qi   

  1. College of Life Science, Anhui Normal University
  • Received:2005-01-18 Online:2005-10-01 Published:2005-10-01
  • Contact: ZHOU Shou-Biao

Abstract: The comparative anatomy of the leaves of 7 species in Polygonatum Mill . is studied in this paper. The results are as follows: (1) The raphide idioblasts are common in these species from Anhui province , but their number is different each other ; (2) No hairs on epidermis except lower epidermis of P. odoratum; ( 3) Stomatal apparatus only distribute in lower epidermis in random and single except P. ganlandeianense has both single and two or three get together ; (4) No differentiation of palisade tissue and the spongy tissue in the leaves except P. anhuiense and P. zanlanscianense have inconspicuous one . ( 5) Some stomatal apparatus characters such as size , type, distribution and shape of surface cells show more or less difference among the species . These characters provide experimental evidence for division of species and systematic evolution relationships of Polygonatum Mill .

Key words: Polygonatum