Plant Diversity ›› 2007, Vol. 29 ›› Issue (05): 521-526.

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Morphological Study on Gemmae and Gemmalings of Huperzia javanica (Huperziaceae)

WANG Xiao-Li , LI Wan-Kui , ZHOU Ji-Yan, HU Zhi-B   

  1. Institute of Traditional Chinese medica , Shanghai University of TCM, Shanghai 201203 , China

  • Received:2007-01-25 Online:2007-10-25 Published:2007-10-25
  • Contact: HU Zhi-

Abstract: To investigate the morpholgoy of gemma and its role in the asexual vegetation of genus Huperzia, gemmae and gemmalings of Huperzia javanica collected from field and potted plants were morphologically described , the development of gemmalings from germinated gemmae was recorded , the number of new born gemmae and that of the residues of gemmiphores were calculated . Results showed that a gemma ( sensu lato) consisted of a gemma ( sensu stricto) and a gemmiphore, the former being a bud surrounded by three pairs of microphylls, the latter a stipe consisted of three pairs of scale
leaves . Gemmae ( sensu stricto) germinated and developed into gemmalings in one week after abscission from the gemmiphores. Gemmiferous branches could produce gemmae with an average number of five. Occurrence of gemmae had some degree of periodicity, thus it provided one way to estimate the growth rate and age of the plant .

Key words: Huperzia

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