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The Developing of Nonpolluted Agrichemicals Application in Chenshan Botanical Garden

 LI  Li, HUANG  Shu-Bo, TIAN  Qi   

  1. Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden, Shanghai 201602, China
  • Online:2010-12-25 Published:2011-01-28


Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden (CBGS) is a new one in the global botanical gardens system, which is focused on botanical research, plant collection and public education. In CBGB, there are more than three thousand of plant species and at least six thousand of cultivars were planted. Therefore, the diseases and pests are also in a large amount. Facing to so rich plants and the status of so many visitors, in order to control the disease without harm to both plants and visitors, the pollutionfree agricultural chemicals are necessary to be used in this garden. The using of nonpolluted agrichemicals is still the start in CBGS now. A planning was confirmed by horticulture department of CBGS. According to the planning, we gave a list of pollutionfree agricultural chemicals, including biological pesticide, mineralbased pesticide and organic synthesize pesticide. There are 30 kinds of nonpolluted agrichemicals were listed, fourteen of them are biological pesticide, two is mineralbased pesticide, while the other fourteen are organic synthesize pesticide.

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