Plant Diversity ›› 2003, Vol. 25 ›› Issue (14): 1-3.

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The Floristic Analysis of Seed Plants in Baishanzu Nature Reserve from Zhejiang Province

JIN XiaoFeng,DING BingYang,ZHENG ChaoZong,   

  1. College of Life Sciences,Zhejiang University,Hangzhou 310012,China;2 School of Life & Environment
  • Online:2003-12-26 Published:2003-12-26

Abstract: The flora of seed plants in Baishanzu Nature Reserve in Zhejiang is analyzed in this paper.1545 species,which belong to 700 genera in 167 families are in this reserve totally.At family level,the proportion of the pantropic type is bigger than others and reaches 335%,the tropic elements are more than temperate ones (75/44).At genus level,651 genera,which include only 1 species or 2-5 species,occupy 1094 species.The pantropic type is 202% and the temperate type is 139%,it is almost equivalent between the tropic elements and the temperate ones (304/317).At species level, the endemic to China type reaches 484%,much bigger than the East Asia type (239%) and the tropic Asia type(136%).Based on the subarea of China,the endemic species to China can be divided into 9 subtypes,and the subtype of East ChinaCentral ChinaSouth China holds the biggest proportion (259 species).The seed plants of Baishanzu Nature Reserve are very rich.The floristic origin is ancient,geographical components are multiform and the characteristics is obviously upland flora on the southern edge of East China.The reserve also has many endemic,rare or endangered species.

Key words: Seed plants