Plant Diversity ›› 1998, Vol. 20 ›› Issue (03): 1-3.

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cDNA Cloning and Sequencing of an Antifungal Protein from the Seeds of Phytolacca americana

YAN Bo,MA Zhi-Gang, HUANGXing-Qi,WANG Ling- Xian,HU Zhong   

  1. Yunnan Provincial Laboratory a/Agricultural Biotechnology, Kiinming 650223;Kunming Institute of Botany, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kunming 650204
  • Online:1998-06-25 Published:1998-06-25

Abstract: Basing on the ammo acid sequences of 7 kD antifungal protein from Phytolacca americana ( Hu Zhong et al, 1991 ), We designed a pair of degenerated primers. By using 3' - RACE technique, we have d a cDNA fragment about 350 bp from the total RNA of the seeds of Phytolacca americana . PCR product was cloned into pGEM - T vectoy system directly, and the cDNA sequences was then determinated. The re-sults indicated that the cDNA fragment contains an encoding region about 114 bp, and that the deduced amino acid sequences is the same as the 36 amino acids of the PAFP protein, except the two amino acids of the No. 35 and No. 36, at which Gln and Ile is replaced by Cys and Lys respectively. In addition, the encoding region was cloned. The cDNA may encodea a new antifungal protein of 38 amino acids.

Key words: Phytolacca americana