Plant Diversity ›› 1998, Vol. 20 ›› Issue (01): 1-3.

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Studies on the Development of Male- and Female- Gametophytes and Callose Deposit Dynamics in Anmearrhean asphodeloides

LI Shi-Weng   

  1. Deportment of Biology QingYang Teacher's College, Xifeng Gansu 745000
  • Online:1998-02-25 Published:1998-02-25

Abstract: The callose appears in the early meiotic prophase in microspore mother cell walls, and deposite no directive. At early tetrad stage callose wall reach the thickest, and begin to disappear at late tetrad stage. Microspore begin to synthesis and depositon callose wall at tetrad phase. At spore-release phase the callose fluorescence is strong. It decline at mid-vacuolate phase, and dis-appear at pre-mitosis. Callose wall is occurs in the generative cell wall. The formation of callose in the walls during megasporogenesis is similar that in microsporogenesis. It appears in the early meiotic prophase. but there is a markly polarity, always first appear in wall of the chalazal part. At triads stage. callose occurs in the transverse wall, and no in sidewalls. Callose fluorescence de-creasc staiting from the chalazal end of functional megaspore, and disappear at late uninuclear embryo sac phase.

Key words: Anemarrhena asphodelodies, Male & female-gametophyte, Callose