Plant Diversity ›› 1980, Vol. 2 ›› Issue (02): 1-3.

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Li Hen   

  1. Kunmming Institute of Botany,Academia sinica
  • Online:1980-04-25 Published:1980-04-25

Abstract: The present article studies the aquatic vegetation of the following lakes of Yunnan plateau: Dian Chi, Erhai, Zhibi Hu, Jian Hu, Xingyun Hu, Fuxian Hu, Julu Hu, Yru Hu, Yanzhong Hai, Lugu Hu, Chen Hai, Chan Hu.Ecological analysis shows that distribution of the aquatic plant commnunities in lake is close relative to the physical and chemical environments, perticularly, to the depth and transparcncy of lake water. At the Yunnan plateau, the more depth of lake water is, the more transparency the water reaches and in the more water deep the aquatic plants can grow. For example, the maximum water depth of the Lake Fuxian Hu is 164 m, maximum transparency in this lake reaches 8.5 m, and the plants can grow in the water of 20 m deep; in the Lake Yru Hu maximum depth of water is 5 m, maximum transparency is 1.8 m, the plants can grow in the water about 3 m deep.

Key words: Lake, vegetation, plateau, Yunnan