Plant Diversity ›› 2000, Vol. 22 ›› Issue (03): 1-3.

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The Floristic Characteristics in the Region of Xiqing Mountains

WU Yu-Hu   

  1. Northwest Plateau Institute of Biology,Chinese Academy of Sciences ,Xining 810001,China
  • Online:2000-06-25 Published:2000-06-25

Abstract: The region of Xinqing Mountains is situated between latitude 33°80′~35°50′,and longitude 100°10′~102°40′E. There are 711 species of seed plants that belong to 56 families and 257 genera in this region. The floristic characteristics in the area are as follows:(1) The Temperate elements has a percentage of 96.88%,it show the clear nature of the Temperate Zone that is the decisive factor of the floristic characteristics.(2)Most of the cosmopolitan elements and the endemic elements of China are developed from them relational genera that are wildly distributed. Shows the flora is a younf and derivative flora. (3)The main vegetation such as alpine meadows,alpine thickets and alpine moor meadows are all alpine type typical. Most of the constructivespecies of them are character species of ytpical alpine vegetation.Therefore ,in this flora,the alpine vegetaion are typical,and the characteristic species are typical ,and the feature of alpine and plateau flora is obvious.

Key words: Flora, Floristitc characteristics, Floristic regionalization, Xinqing Mountains