Plant Diversity ›› 2001, Vol. 23 ›› Issue (01): 1-3.

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Phenolic Constituents of Galls of Quercus variabilis and Their Activities

ZHOU Zhi-Hong YANG Chong-Ren LI Ma-Ling CHEN Guo-Zhen CHEN Zhi-He   

  1. Laboratory of Phytochemistry, Kunming Institute of Botany,Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Online:2001-02-25 Published:2001-02-25

Abstract: Two tautomers, G-1 [1-O-(3′-galloyl)-galloyl-β-D-glucopyranose and 1-O-(4′-galloyl)galloyl-β-D-glucopyranose] and G-2 [3-galloyl-gallic acid and 4-galloyl-gallic acid] were isolated from Quercus variabilis Bl.,together with four pure phenolic compounds: G-3 (1,6-O-digalloyl-β-D-glucopyranose), G-4 (1,2,3,6-O-tetragalloyl-β-D-glucopyranose), G-5 (1-O-galloyl-β-D-glucopyranose) and G-6 (gallic acid methyl ester) respectively. The inhibitory effects of G-1, G-3 and G-4 on some tumor strains, lipid peroxidation and blood platelet aggregation were investigated in vitro.

Key words: Fagaceae