Plant Diversity ›› 2000, Vol. 22 ›› Issue (01): 1-3.

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Embryology of Tripterospermum cordatum(Gentianceae)

CHEN Shi-Long,HO Ting-Nong,LIU Jian-Quan,HOng De-Yuun   

  1. Northwest Plateau Institute of Biology,Academia Sciences,Xining 810001
  • Online:2000-02-25 Published:2000-02-25

Abstract: The prestent paper reports embryological characters of Tripteropsermum cordatum(Marq.) H.Smith for the first time and discusses the systematic relationships of Tripterospermum. Anthers are tetrasporangiate. The development of anther walls conforms to the Dicotyledonous type. The tapetal cells orgin from the primary parietal cells,and thus the tapetum is of single orgin. The development of the tapetum with uninucleate cells is of the Glandular type. The tapetal cells on the connective side show raidal elongation or periclinal division and intrude into the anther locule to from placenoids. The anther wall has only one middle layer;the endothecium persists and its cells become pillar and fibrous,and the epidermis degenerates.

Key words: Tripterospermum cordatum, Embryology, Systematic relationships