Plant Diversity ›› 2010, Vol. 32 ›› Issue (S17): 81-88.

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Characteristics and Species Diversity of Cinnamomum japonicum var. chenii (Lauraceae) Community in China

 TIAN  Qi-1, HUANG  Shu-Bo-1, HU  Yong-Hong-2   

  1. 1 Chenshan Botanical Garden, Shanghai 201602, China; 2 Shanghai Botanical Garden, Shanghai 200232, China
  • Online:2010-12-25 Published:2011-01-28
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The composition, physiognomy, structure and dynamics characteristic, species diversity of the Cinnamomum japonicum varchenii community were studied based on community investigation. The results showed that 71 species in 63 genera 46 families of vascular plants were recorded in 7 plots in total of 700 m2. The analysis on species important value showed that Cinnamomum japonicum varchenii, Celtis sinensis, Ficus erecta varbeecheyana, Machilus thunbergii are dominant species of the community. The physiognomy of the community is ever green all year around. The age structure of dominant populations showed that three out of four main populations of the community are increasing populations. The species diversity of the community is measured with the Margalef index of 99917, the ShannonWiener index of 30657, the Simpson index of 09007, and the evenness index of 07192. The diversity pattern from maximum to minimum is herb, arbor, shrub. Diversity comparison with 4 other different communities showed that the species diversity of Cinnamomum japonicum varchenii community is slightly lower.

Key words: Cinnamomum japonicum var. chenii, Community characteristics, Species diversity, Endangered

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