Plant Diversity ›› 1999, Vol. 21 ›› Issue (03): 1-3.

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Somatic Embryogenesis and Plant Regeneration from Suspension Anther Cell of Lycium barbarum

CAO You-Long,JIA Yong-Jiong,CHEN Fang,LUO Qing,QU Ling   

  1. Biology Department of Sichunag Union University ,Chengdu 610064
  • Online:1999-06-25 Published:1999-06-25

Abstract: Calli of anther of Lycium barbarum were induced on 4 MS media with different hormone contents.The induction rate is 1.7%-16.9%.The calli became small particls with good dispersion ability affter 2-3 successive transfers of culture on the medium MS+2,4-D 0.5mg/L. When these particles were cultured on liquid medium,a lot of single cells were obtained after 24 hours.After several times of successive transfers of culture,a stable cell suspending culture line was established. After 8-10 days,a lot of medium(MS +6BA 0.2mg/L) and green buds appeared. After 20 days of culturing the buds on rooting medium,complete plantlets were obtained. The chromosome numbers from root-tip somatic cells of regeneration plant are twele.It shows that the regeneration plant is haploid.

Key words: Lycium barbarum, Anther , Suspending culture, Regeneration plant