Plant Diversity ›› 2002, Vol. 24 ›› Issue (05): 1-3.

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Study on Micromorphology of Pollen Exine Surface in Camellia

AO Cheng-Qi,CHEN Gong-Xi,ZHANG Guo-Ping,GAO Kun ,CHANG Hung-Ta   

  1. School of Life Sciences,Zhongshan Uniuerity,Guangzhou 510275,China
  • Online:2002-10-25 Published:2002-10-25

Abstract: Pollen morphology of 34 species (including 2 varieties)representing 17 sections of Camellia was examined under light microscope (LM)and scanning electronic micrscope (SEM)in this paper.The pollen grains are classified according,to the standard of Wei Zhongxin, they belonging to 3 types: granulate to rugulate-granulate,rugulate-fossulate,foveolate- reticulate.A new pollen type,i.e.false fpveplate-re-ticulate ,was found and named. Generally speaking,the sculpture difference of various sections is not nec-essarliy larger than that of the same section,for example,in section paracamellia, the sculpture varies very much from rugulate-fossulate to false foveolate-reticulate,and then to foveolate-reticulate.Showing that it is difficult to elucidate the sustematical relationships detween different sections dy the sculpture of pollen exine surface.Some classification problms of Camellia were probed onto preliminarily too.

Key words: Camellia