Plant Diversity ›› 2000, Vol. 22 ›› Issue (01): 1-3.

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A Comparison of Structures among Four Xeroplic Mossess

WANG Hong,Abdulla.ABBAS,FAN Zhao-Tian,ZHAO Jina-Cheng   

  1. Department of Biology ,Xinjinag University,Urumqi 830046;Test Centre of Xinjiang University,Urumqi 830046
  • Online:2000-02-25 Published:2000-02-25

Abstract: The structure and surface of leaves and stems of four mosses in Xinjiang were observed.The results indicate that in Encalypta rhbdocarpa Schwager. the structure of the stem is similar to the internal cortex of (glandular hairs) of seed plants. The collenchyma (corner-thickeneded cells) in the central axis of stem and sclerenchyma in cortex of stem have well developed in Grimmia laevigata(Brid,)Brid. There are minitype stereid cells in the costa of leaves in Weisia controversa Hedw. The stem of Tortula reflexa Li is edye -like and there is a thick bark-like epidermis on stem.

Key words: Xeric, Mossess, Structure